Post tagged “Technology”

  1. Keeping Up

    When what you know is who you are.

  2. You Can Take It With You

    I look forward to the day when my various bits of gear learn to talk to each other.

  3. Google Apps Transition

    I've started transitioning my Google app settings over to my newly-transitioned Google Apps account. Google Reader is now done, except for all my starred posts.

  4. Sprint AIRAVE installed

    Took longer than expected due to a DOA unit, but the AIRAVE is installed! Nice to have five bars of service in my house.

  5. Sprint AIRAVE

    I should get a Sprint AIRAVE in the mail this week. Cell service at home is about to improve dramatically.

  6. Passwords Reset

    SourceForge had a compromised password scare, so I take some comfort in having a random password generated by pwsafe.

  7. The Killer Technology

    This is a rant against saying some device/software/platform will "kill" another.

  8. Information Gathering

    The lure of data is still strong, but how do you organize it all?

  9. Palm Pre Countdown in your Mac OS X Dashboard

    Hurry up and wait.

  10. Live in the Past

    Just caught this advert on an Engadget article.

  11. Waiting for the Palm Pre

    Pre-release Pre thoughts, and some words on competition in the smartphone space.