Post tagged “Rants”

  1. Siege

    Make it stop.

  2. Adobe "Customer Service"

    Customer disservice.

  3. Company are Doing Stuff

    I are smart.

  4. Font Resource

    Over at there is a pretty cool resource for finding Unicode characters. For example: the inverted Ohm sign. They've got character codes, a Java reference, raster and vector files of the character, and more. That's a lot of data for just one character.

  5. Leakage

    How did the web seep so far into e-mail?

  6. Memorex Black CD-R Changes

    Bad idea.

  7. State Speed Limit

    Somebody explain this to me.

  8. Unemployment Starts at Home

    I've just read yet another article on US outsourcing to Asia for more and more IT jobs. Specifically, Corporate America's Silent Partner: India, via Slashdot. From the article: True, corporations likely won't feel comfortable about openly talking about their offshore activities until job growth returns to the U.S. Job …

  9. The Word is "Excess"

    We have a new resident in the University Commons parking lot.

  10. On Bragging

    I twitch.

  11. Dock Annoyances

    "An application should always present a window when its Dock icon is clicked." Does anyone else find this feature slightly annoying?