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  1. New Hampshire HB240: Approval Voting

    Wow\: "Will NH adopt approval voting?"

  2. War on Tourists

    Via Boing Boing: America's war on tourists. Honestly, this country is ridiculous in so many ways.

  3. My Country

    'Tis of thee.

  4. Public Service Announcement

    Four new e-mails in my box today, all saying the same thing: vote. New Hampshire has on-site registration at the polls, you granite staters have no excuse.

  5. The More Things Change...

    The more they stay exactly the same.

  6. Pat Robertson & Amtrak?


  7. Modern-Day Propaganda


  8. Is a Recount in Order?

    Maybe we didn't lose after all.

  9. Fahrenheit 9/11 in Theatres Friday

    Be there or be Republican.

  10. Activism (or Lack Thereof)

    Between Ani DiFranco and one of my current professors, I've been hearing a lot about the terrible things done in the name of America. I've known for a long time that the US isn't the bastion of freedom and generosity that we're all led to believe. So much death and …