Post tagged “Personal”

  1. Prior Art

    Which came first?

  2. Six Degrees

    Everyone is connected somehow, right?

  3. Well, that was fast

    In record time.

  4. Hello Blog

    Haven't been updating lately.

  5. What's that I smell?

    Faster than a speeding shutter.

  6. Snowflakes

    Ice crystals in November.

  7. To Have, or Have Not

    But still, my gut tells me that it is wrong.

  8. Couldn't Resist

    Which file extension are you?

  9. Unlocking iTMS Tracks

    Much as I love their products, Apple has still failed me in one important regard: they have not released iTunes for Linux.

  10. May I Have Another?

    Going broke has never been easier.

  11. Thursday Miscellaneous

    Been blogging only lightly these past few days.

  12. The Downside of AdSense

    That's the news. Now here's Al, with hot gay men.

  13. Righteous Babeage

    Buy tickets or perish.

  14. Random though

    Buenos dias, gringo.

  15. Speaking of Coding...

    I speak in tags.

  16. Escaping JavaScript for PHP

    We call this "overkill."

  17. Moving On

    The end of an era.

  18. July Updates

    I have much to be thankful for.

  19. Happy Birthday to You

    May you live long, and prosper.

  20. Food Costs

    I am excessively anal-retentive.

  21. One Week Later

    At least it's over.

  22. Surgery Tomorrow

    Scary knives to come.

  23. May Update

    It hurts.

  24. Spring Update

    Puzzle in a paragraph.

  25. Snowy Sunday

    It's April and it's showing. April showers... April snow showers?