Post tagged “Personal”

  1. Vim,, and the Delete key

    Vim rulse^H^Hes.

  2. Google Doctype: Firefox Quick Searches

    Easy is good.

  3. The Twig is now Closed

    Nice to know you.

  4. On Burning Men

    Burn, baby.

  5. Vacation, Interrupted

    I hate airlines.

  6. New color scheme?

    Something like that.

  7. Power's Out

    Updates from the front line.

  8. Number 8!

    Call the cheerleading squad.

  9. Downtime

    Eight months.

  10. RIT Falling Behind

    Flex those pipes.

  11. Rest in Peace

    Bootsie, family pet of 20 years, sworn enemy of canines, and friend of everyone else, has passed away. Thank you for the companionship.

  12. Greasemonkey & Opera

    It's not just for Firefox anymore.

  13. Secret Language

    Spoiler\: I'm an Excalibur.

  14. Monkey See

    Or maybe, great minds think alike?

  15. Blog? What's that?

    I know, I know, it's been a while. There will be no apologies or excuses!

  16. Fall Updates, 2005 Edition

    Not much going on, really.

  17. Moving Out

    It's time.

  18. In Debt, and Indebted

    A quick "Thank you".

  19. Custom Plates

    I want them.

  20. Travelog: To Jen and Back

    Early this AM I drove back into Wentworth, fresh off the train from North Carolina after visiting with Jen all weekend. Nice place, it was. I saw a bit of art, ate some good food, and generally just hung out for a few days. Also on the docket was a …

  21. Sunday Miscellaneous: eBay Detective and Others

    Sunday grab bag.

  22. Linguistic Profile

    I am teh quizmaster.

  23. Post-Boskone Post

    It was cool, yeah yeah.

  24. If This Pad Could Talk...

    It would get pretty boring after a while.

  25. Internet Alphabet

    A-Z, but !V and !Y.