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Stacking QuickFilters in Alpha Five V8

Alpha Five forms include a QuickFilter feature that lets you limit the current result set to records that match (or don't match) the contents of a specific field. You can stack these filters, limiting by field after field as you dig down to the desired record set. After half a …

Adobe "Customer Service"

Customer disservice.

Giving Feedback

Don't tell me what I can now do.

OO.o Calc: Skipping Days

Spreadsheet geekery.

Merging PDFs in Linux

And it all comes together.

I've never wanted a mobile phone


Creating eReader Books

Reading on the cheap.

Public Service Announcement

Important announcement.

Zip Technology

I can see the train of thought now.

Saving Music Videos in iTunes 5.0 for Windows

No, I haven't done it yet.

Taming Google

Down, boy.

Brought to you by the number 1™

This is profound.

It's the Thought That Counts

Wait, I thought sharing was bad?

Man Convicted for... Something?

On drawing the wrong conclusions.

Font Resource

Over at there is a pretty cool resource for finding Unicode characters. For example: the inverted Ohm sign. They've got character codes, a Java reference, raster and vector files of the character, and more. That's a lot of data for just one character.

Aggressive Advertising

A few days ago I clicked a link to an Ars Technica article and was greeted by a full-screen advertisement for Vonage. This was not much of a surprise, these commercial breaks are standard fare on many websites today. What did surprise me was the page that followed:

[3 Vonage ads on one page][]

Maybe Vonage …

Microsoft Intelligence

I cannot fathom the chain of events that led to this limitation of Microsoft Excel 97:

Excel error message

Thunderbird Display Errors

I never liked those buttons, anyway.

That Crushing Feeling, and Tangled Webs

Unweaving the web.

Ergodex DX1

Customize your input.

News to Me

Lies within lies.

Memorex Black CD-R Changes

Bad idea.

Backup Musings

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

Saving iTunes Music Store Videos in Windows

Be the archive you want to see in the world.

Bash Tips: Set Remote Variables

Seldom necessary, always difficult.