Some of my current interests:

  • Ansible -- codifying adhoc server setups built over years into reproducible setup scripts committed to source control.
  • Docker -- building images, development environments with Docker Compose, deploys using Drone CI

Old stuff

  • — Track your MacBook's battery health over time. Logs data to a SQLite database using Python.
  • Wowhead Tooltips for Mediawiki -- link to World of Warcraft items on using <wowhead>Item</wowhead> syntax
  • Realmwatch -- World of Warcraft realm status on your Palm webOS device (Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, etc.)
  • Cocoa -- various exploratory projects on iOS and Mac OS X
  • Deploy architecture -- improving current deploy process driven by gitolite hooks
    • Current: push to gitolite-managed server, hook triggers "deploy" script on another machine via ssh, deploy script rpulls and runs process
  • Photo library management -- removing dependence on iPhoto, replacing with raw jpg files backed up with BitTorrent Sync
  • twebsites -- highlighting websites of Twitter list members
    • Created so I could build a collection of websites for people in STEM
    • Future plans: Newsblur integration ("add all sites to a new folder")