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  1. Installing CPAN Modules without Root

    Today I needed to run mysqlhotcopy, but it was failing "undefined symbol: mysql_init" in DBD::mysql. My Perl is rusty at best, and I finally resorted to reinstalling DBI and DBD::mysql using the local user.

  2. Better Local Dev Hostnames with Dnsmasq

    I use ghost to configure development environment hostnames for all my local test sites. I wondered if there wasn't a more robust solution that supported wildcards.

  3. Automatic Ellipsis with CSS

    How do I keep forgetting about text-overflow: ellipsis? Maybe a blog post will help cement it in my memory.

  4. API REST Considerations

    The API offers both RESTful and non-RESTful responses. The non-RESTful variant is suitable for clients that are limited in some way.

  5. REST APIs and Security in PHP

    When creating a REST endpoint, how do you protect your data from unauthorized access?

  6. Liquid Televison

    Apparently Liquid Television is now on the web. Time to re-watch The Maxx.

  7. Responsive Design Quick Tips

    "Responsive design quick tips," reblogged from Brad Frost on Google+.

  8. Demarked

    Mark Pilgrim seems to have removed himself from the Internet.

  9. WordPress MU Domain Mapping Patches

    Get domain mapped URLs for any blog, and fix paths to the MUPLUGINDIR.

  10. Filesystem Caching without Cruft in PHP

    Cleanup your file caches while you're still using them.

  11. Saving WordPress Media to Amazon S3 (Teaser)

    On saving media directly to Amazon S3.

  12. Welcoming Harper Hawke

    Harper Hawke Backstrom came into this world Wednesday, August 10, 2011, at 21:24. We are happy to announce that he is healthy, handsome, and nursing well.

  13. Google Chrome 13 "Pretty Print" Scripts

    Screenshots of Google Chrome 13's "pretty print" feature for scripts.

  14. webOS 3.0.2 Changes

    Observed changes from the webOS 3.0.2 update.

  15. Merlin Mann on Marketplace of Ideas

    Words on caring.

  16. Python and PHP: Giving a Rat's Ass

    Should you give a rat's ass about being competitive with PHP?

  17. PHP, symlinks, and the realpath cache

    I've had issues in the past where symlinked web directories don't point to the correct file after the symlink target is changed.

  18. World of Warcraft: TCG Card Numbering

    The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game seems to have a very specific ordering of cards, which I'm attempting to accurately interpret.

  19. Portal 2: Now with More Portals

    When I think about the original Portal, I think of increasingly challenging puzzles, easter eggs, and the sarcasm and insults of a cruel AI. Portal 2 continues this tradition in a very satisfying way.

  20. Subversion and "Skipped '.'"

    Skipped '.' seems to be Subversion's way of saying, "svn up hit an external that isn't a working copy."

  21. Google Apps Transition

    I've started transitioning my Google app settings over to my newly-transitioned Google Apps account. Google Reader is now done, except for all my starred posts.

  22. Sprint AIRAVE installed

    Took longer than expected due to a DOA unit, but the AIRAVE is installed! Nice to have five bars of service in my house.

  23. Migrating to PHP 5.3: call_user_func_array()

    I've been updating various old pieces of code after our PHP 5.3 upgrade yesterday afternoon. Today, call_user_func_array() has been a recurring theme.

  24. Private Information

    Somehow, I feel like the NH Electric Co-op values their own privacy far more than they value mine.

  25. On Frameworks

    Everyone wants what they don't have.