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  1. Experiment: Digital Permanence and Ownership

    When it comes to digital goods, I'm hesitant where I throw my money. Value is subjective and situational. I'm not a huge movie buff and I rarely rewatch, so \$8.99/monthly for Netflix isn't bad. On the other hand, I loathe the idea of subscription-based music: if I wanted …

  2. Amongst the Tall Trees

  3. I get to

    Thank you, Paul.

  4. Git Subtree Merges, Orphaned Branches, and GitHub

    Git supports a merge strategy called the subtree merge which brings a branch into a subdirectory of another branch. How are these created, what if the dependency isn't a Git project, and how does GitHub display unrelated branches?

  5. Transforming Business

    You can ride the wave, or watch it pass by. Just don't waste your time trying to stop it.

  6. State of PHP 2012

    Rasmus presented the State of PHP 2012 at Etsy. Here are some pretty raw notes, with approximate times.

  7. Being Nice

    For my own reference, on running processes nicely.

  8. Preware Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot Script

    I'll need this later. [code name=""]

  9. SOPA Protests

    Archived for posterity.

  10. Conferencing in Boston

    I've been fortunate enough to attend three conferences through my employer: jQuery Conference (2010 and 2011), and WordCamp Boston (2011). I've regretted not blogging about these, so in lieu of a full recap, suffice it to say these were awesome, energizing events and I hope to keep participating in the …

  11. There's Always a New Tweet

    I don't spend much time tweaking my UI, but I do attempt to minimize distractions. New mail notifications, badges showing unread messages, growls of all shapes and sizes, all these have a very poor signal to noise ratio, and rarely do they impact my current priority.

  12. iTerm 2 Skinny Fonts: Solution

    For reasons that were unknown to me, iTerm 2 would display a nice, thick font when the laptop was the primary screen, but a very thin font when the Acer was primary.

  13. Is the Earth Special?

    I loved this recent Slashdot post. It's full of interesting facts about our planet.

  14. Locked Files in Mac OS X

    You may observe files with the correct ownership (chown) and permissions (chmod u+rw) that are write-locked. In my experience, the files were editable with sudo, and modification via the Finder would prompt for an administrator password. In these situations, you may be dealing with additional file attributes.

  15. jsRender: Passing Variables to Nested Templates

    Is there a cleaner way than $

  16. UC Davis and the Pepper Spray Incident

    On November 18, 2011, seated members of a nonviolent protest on a University of California, Davis quad were pepper-sprayed at close range by Lt. John Pike.

  17. Webpages as Screen Savers in Mac OS X

    jQuery can power your screensaver. Your move.

  18. PHP 5.4 Changes

    From the PHP 5.4.0 RC1 "NEWS" file. Traits, array dereferencing, CLI built-in web server, and more.

  19. Where Are My Pills?

    Wherein the machinations of the health care industry adversely affect my ability to function.

  20. Nest Harvesting

    Bald-face hornet's nest, found off Buffalo Road in Rumney, NH.

  21. Use openssl to Issue Raw HTTP Requests

    telnet is a handy tool for examining a raw HTTP connection, but it fails hard on HTTP over SSL. Turns out openssl can step in.

  22. Google+ for Google Apps

    It's finally here.

  23. WordPress Network Plugin Management

    I need to test all of these, at some point.

  24. mysqlhotcopy: error 24

    What does it look like when you try to mysqlhotcopy, but don't have a high enough open files ulimit?

  25. Installing CPAN Modules without Root

    Today I needed to run mysqlhotcopy, but it was failing "undefined symbol: mysql_init" in DBD::mysql. My Perl is rusty at best, and I finally resorted to reinstalling DBI and DBD::mysql using the local user.