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  1. Mean Beef Stroganist

    On Distilling a Woman's Accomplishments

  2. Journal from the Terminal

    For years, I've employed a very simple log file to track upgrades and significant configuration changes to my server: one update per line, starting with the output from date(1).

  3. Trends in iOS Icon Design

    No comment, other than to remark at the visual similarity between the new Dropbox and Google+ iOS app icons.

  4. Dropbox for iOS: Version Conflict

    Which version do I want to keep? Where's the button for, "I have no goddamn idea?"

  5. Transit Markers in Apple Maps

    Least favorite feature about Apple Maps in iOS 6: the transit markers are next to useless.

  6. Page Rank after SSL Migration

    I migrated my blog to SSL on Nov. 6, but setting a 301 redirect on the non-SSL version has dropped me down below Twitter, Google+, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and one or two others in Google. Geek frustration level rising.

  7. Two-factor SSH to Ubuntu 11.04 with Google Authenticator

    Read on for instructions setting up two-factor auth for SSH logins under Ubuntu. I used 11.04 Natty Narwhal; other releases may require small tweaks.

  8. Defining INI Entries for PHP Scripts

    Mostly useful to passing PHP INI settings to wrapper scripts like phpcs and phpunit.

  9. Level Up

    Archived here, for posterity: repeating the last command you typed into bash.

  10. Filesystem Events on Mac OS X

    inotifywait is a Linux thang, but if you need similar functionality on Mac OS X, check out wait_on. Available via homebrew.

  11. Vintage NYC

    Found in old Moulton family papers. Date and photographer unknown.

  12. Starstruck

    Had my first starstruck moment in Brooklyn, standing next to Maggie Gyllenhaal on the subway.

  13. Feedback Loop

    William Chan blogs, and Nginx is watching.

  14. Keeping Up

    When what you know is who you are.

  15. IRC Clients

    IRC is an important communication channel at my new job. After being a long-time irssi and Textual user, I gave Linkinus a spin before finally installing weechat. weechat looks to be the winner.

  16. Hearts, Park Slope

  17. New Page: Mac OS X Setup Guide

    I've created a new "Mac OS X Setup Guide" page to keep track of my preferred Mac OS X configuration.

  18. Impersonation by Gravatar

    There's a discussion going on at work regarding the potential for impersonation using Gravatar. There is some merit to this concern, though I consider it a little flimsy.

  19. Drawing ACS-mode boxes in the terminal with Ruby

    VT100 included an alternate character set (ACS) that enabled box drawing within the terminal. Here's a script from StackOverflow to test support for ACS.

  20. Rasmus on Interpolation vs. Concatenation

    Rasmus Lerdorf has been tweeting this morning about concatenation vs. interpolation in PHP. Micro-optimizations to be sure, but an interesting look under the hood.

  21. You Can Take It With You

    I look forward to the day when my various bits of gear learn to talk to each other.

  22. Trillium

  23. Spotted salamander

  24. Spring Toad

  25. Google on the iPhone

    In which I explore things which were taken for granted.