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Mapping the Blogsphere

Here I go again, blogging about blogging.

Anyway, I was browsing the recently updated blogs, as I am wont to do when I am bored, and I came across Peter Lindberg's blog. His latest post is about something new called GeoURL. Add a couple metatags to the front page of …

Sticker Yer Blog

You might have notice the new black and white badges on the left side of the main screen. They're so-called "blogstickers", and taste wonderful. Jen and I created the stickers you see here, but they have plenty on the site of various quality and chromatic variation. Through the wonders of …

Server Move

In an effort to improve uptime, I have moved my Movable Type setup to my iBook. It should be up pretty much constantly, at the address

Pridian, for the curious, is a Latin adjective meaning "pertaining or belonging to the previous day." I think that loosely …

What is "dotdotdot"?


A Blog is Born

Taking the plunge.