Ani in Concord 2/28/2008

Annika Backstrom
in Music, on 29 February 2008. It is tagged #anidifranco and #concert.

Last night I saw Ani DiFranco at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH. This was my second time seeing her in Concord. The concert was originally scheduled for January 21, but was delayed due to Ani's laryngitis. (She likened her own vocal chords to "slimy, post-mortem pussy," while we're on the subject.) Ani was joined by Allison Miller on drums, and Todd Sickafoose on bass. Todd never fails to impress, and Allison was just amazing.

We were extremely fortunate to have sixth row seats in orchestra right. There was one talker/singer directly behind me who thought she was having a conversation with Ani, but other than that the crowd was pretty good. Hell is still other people. Set list follows.

  1. God's Country
  2. 78% H2O
  3. Napoleon
  4. Present/Infant
  5. Studying Stones
  6. Akimbo/Manhole
  7. Modulation
  8. Red Letter Year
  9. Coming Up
  10. The Atom
  11. Good Luck
  12. Fire Door
  13. Way Tight
  14. Smiling Underneath
  15. Both Hands
  16. To The Teeth
  17. Shameless
  18. Gravel (encore)
  19. 32 Flavors (encore)

Also, I need to check out Over The Rhine's studio stuff. Their opening set was good.

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