The Blow in Boston

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 7 October 2007. It is tagged #Music, #boston, #mfa, and #the blow.

Saw The Blow and Saturday Looks Good to Me at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last night. We showed up a lot earlier than most and sat in the third row, right behind the reserved seats. (My head was at about guitar level for the opening act.)

It was a great show. Khaela is a good storyteller and showman, and very funny. It was neat to see how she added some level of improv to the prerecorded beats. I'm not all too familiar with her library, but I think she hit most (if not all) of the songs off Paper Television, plus Come On Petunia as the encore. It was a solo show, with Jona off doing his Yacht thing, and her last northeastern date of the Paper Television stuff. I got the impression she wanted to leave it behind after the split with Jona.

So, thanks, The Blow, as well as Justin for including C2 and I. Let's do it again some time.