Working Stiff

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 23 October 2004. It is tagged and #Work.

I have a job.

As of Wednesday, October 13, 2004, I am a Technical Support Representative / Engineer at Stonewall Cable, Inc. in Rumney, NH. As technical support, I help customers connect with the product they are looking for when questions arise, in addition to the normal problem resolution duties. As an engineer, I help create and maintain the technical drawings in the company's part library.

The "Cable" in "Stonewall Cable" is a very broad term. Most of the business at Stonewall involves standard cabling (like USB AB cables) and custom OEM-equivalent cables (like this Cisco CAB-232MC equivalent). Fiber Optics are my primary responsiblity, to start with. Last week I didn't have any idea what Multimode Duplex 62.5/150 2.0mm with SC terminators even remotely referred to. How times change.

Don't let the post title mislead you, I really enjoy work a lot. I'm learning ton of new things that I find very interesting, the people are great, and it's close to home. I guess it's a reference to being out in the real world, out of school after 22 years. It hasn't really sunk in yet, since I'm still living at home. Finding an apartment is high on my todo list.

A toast, to industry.