Musical paranoia

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 19 March 2004. It is tagged and #Music.

Via Slashdot, "File Sharing Increases CD Sales." Reminiscent of an older article, save for one important fact: the music industry's spin doctors haven't poisoned the text (yet).

The older article refers to an AP release filled with gems like, "Sales of compact discs singles fell by 39% last year," and "Napster hurt record sales," a quote from the RIAA president herself. But Slashdot elaborates: "CD singles account for how much of the RIAA's profits? Not quite one percent. Yes, that's right: they lost 36% of 1% of their profits."

The recent article is a welcome sight. Peter Martin, Economics Correspondent for SBS television in Australia, takes a critical eye to the recent ARIA earnings release. CD singles and cassette tapes are the only products taking a hit, and I say that's for good reason: for the price, the don't really offer a whole lot. Six remixes of the same song? I'll pass.