State of PHP 2012

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 4 February 2012. It is tagged and #PHP.

Rasmus presented the State of PHP 2012 at Etsy. Here are some pretty raw notes, with approximate times.


32:40 Don't put too much stuff in a single web server. Your site is getting busier and busier, the answer isn't just to crank up the concurrent processes. ... 4-6x number of cores in the machine, depending on memory.

SPL Data Structures:

48:40 We also have some new SPL data structures. Here as you pop things onto the stack, they'll foreach in the right order.

Moving from mod_php to nginx:

50:22 .user.ini and path-specific ini settings. Set a TTL so they're not read every time. There's no mod_rewrite in php-fpm or nginx. That's where you're gonna have to learn a little bit of LUA and play with the nginx configuration format.

On data standards:

~1:18:00 Web apps these days should be UTF-8 and UTC. It's the only sane choice.

On client skepticism of using PHP for a large site:

~1:30:00 Other people have managed to do it. A big website is hard in every language. [...] It's so much more than the front-end language. Every large site in the world ends up using dozens of technologies, hundreds for some of them, so it's a matter of putting all these pieces together.

Other Takeaways

// handle json_encode() on your object
class Foo implements JsonSerializable{}

Error reporting:

Setting error_reporting = -1 turns everything on.


You should never write a flat text file parser again. If you're ever looking at doing that, use SQLite.