I Like 'em Thin

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 8 April 2003. It is tagged and #Computers.

Just placed the orders for my new thin client setup. Here's the "skinny," as it were:

Notice that there's no mention of an optical or hard drive. I'm going to attempt a netboot setup, which would give me a super-small, super-quiet diskless workstation. One can only hope

I decided go the route of a boot ROM behind a dual-NIC machine. I mulled over a flash disk module, but I'm more likely to encounter boot ROMs in the future, so I thought it best to try one now. (Though I think in practice they're pretty much the same. I may use one later to regain the single PCI slot.)

I'll probably blog any interesting updates, as well as revising my Linux Netboot project page.