Movie Night: Star Trek: Nemesis

Annika Backstrom
in misc, on 28 December 2002. It is tagged and #Movies.

I saw Star Trek: Nemesis with the crew from New Hampshire last night (well, part of the crew, but I digress). Spoilers ahead, so don't read on unless you've seen the movie.

I enjoy new movies in a series like Star Trek because they expand the series' fictional universe. The writers can build upon the framework laid down by all authors before them. These new elements alone are enough to hold my interest in a movie. I enjoyed the Naboo-esque Romulan architecture, and the planet that rotates at the precise speed needed to keep one side facing the sun all the time. Stuff like that is fun to think about.

I was surprised to see that the Enterprise E and her crew were in military style. It was reminiscent of the Next Generation episode when the Enterprise C travels through time and the Enterprise D turns into a military vessel. Karl mentioned something about Enterprise E being built to fight the Borg. Any other takers on theories?

All in all, I was pleased with Nemesis. I'm really upset, borderline depressed, that Data died, though. It was one of those moments, like, 'Take Picard! Spare Data's life!'. Data had so much to live for! His head didn't spend four hundred years in a cave in San Francisco just to be blown up a few years later, damnit.

Oh well.. For the rest of us, life goes on.